The focus of Transition Town Orillia is communication and interconnection to support and promote sustainable lifestyle practices leading to local resilience and a thriving community in the face of rising fossil fuel costs, climate change and global economic instability.

Our vision is that Orillia will become a community of resilience where we live in harmony with the environment and use our combined energies to create wholeness, compassion and balance.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Shift to active citzenship

 "A growing number of people are coming to understand that in order to mitigate the worst effects of climate change, we must rapidly reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, cut harmful emissions and transition toward a zero- carbon economy.This great transition requires a new holistic understanding of the climate crisis. It is no longer simply the weather or air we breathe. The climate embodies our entire society, culture, politics, economy and environment, as they are all interconnected and interdependent."

Visit this link to read Jacob Kearey-Moreland's full article about the Sept 26 international day of action co-ordinated by

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